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UHF M850 DSP Solo wireless vocal microphone

Prodipe VHF M850 DSP Solo

  • The new UHF M850 DSP mic contains the M85 capsule, which is one of the best on the market. It combines infrared automatic transmitter synchronisation (100 UHF frequencies) with a state-of-the-art DSP circuit to produce wireless sound that practically matches wired sound.

    The Solo model which consists of a hand-held UHF mic, channel display screen and easily accessible mute button, along with an all-metal receiver (BNC antenna, balanced XLR output, unbalanced Jack output).

    With the Prodipe UHF M850 DSP range, UHF mics have moved up to the next level - wired sound quality in UHF. 

    • Automatic IR search and selection of 100 available UHF frequencies
    • 1 balanced XLR output + 1 unbalanced Jack output.
    • LCD screen
    • 8 M850 DSP Solo mics can be used simultaneously
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