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Complete Prodipe pricelist (MAP) in Canadian funds.




TT1 PRO Non-Switched Dynamic vocal microphone    $64.95

TT1 Switched Dynamic vocal microphone    $64.95

TT1 PRO Instrument Non-Switched Dynamic microphone for Instruments   $64.95

Saint-Louis  Harmonica dynamic microphone   $124.95

M-85 Non-Switched Dynamic vocal microphone   $79.95

V-85 Vintage dynamic microphone with switch   $129.95

MC-1 Live dynamic vocal microphone   $149.95

MC-1C Live vocal instruments condenser microphone   $179.95

STC-3D Recording condenser microphone uni/bi/omni directional   $349.95

ST-1 MK II Recording condenser microphone unidirectional    $179.95

ST-USB USB recording condenser microphone unidirectional with software SEQUEL LE   $149.95

DUO A1 Pair of condenser microphones, unidirectional    $169.95

R.S.L. Directivity in 8 double ribbon STEREO mic with hardcase    $479.95

DR8 8 units drum mic set with hardcase    $349.95

DRM-KD Bass drum microphone   $139.95

GL21 Accoustic guitar and ukulele microphone    $139.95

VL21-C Violin microphone     $149.95

CL21 Cello microphone     $139.95

BL21 Contrabass microphone    $149.95

SB21 Sax and brass instrument microphone    $149.95

PL21 3X percussion microphone    $289.95

BP21 Phantom power unit    $79.95

P2L Lavalier condenser microphone    $49.95  

UHF M850 DSP Solo wireless microphone   $299.95

UHF B210 headset DSP Solo   $299.95




Pro 880 Professional monitoring headphones    $99.95

Pro 580 Monitoring headphones    $49.95

IEM 3 In Ear Monitor/Plug     $49.95

3000 BR Professional headphones Black/Red    $89.95

3000 W Professional headphones White    $89.95

3000 B Professional headphones  Black    $89.95

5000B Professional high end headphones    $179.95



Audio and Midi Interfaces:


1i1o USB Midi Interface 1i1o (Mac/Pc) - with software Virtual Expander Prodipe VE  $39.95

Studio 22+ USB audio interface  $139.95


Studio Monitors:


Pro5 V3  Professional active studio monitors   $319.95



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