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Complete Kenton pricelist (MAP) in Canadian funds.



Modular Solo (Silver or black) Midi to CV/gate eurorack module   $339.00

Pro Solo MKIII Midi to CV/gate   $269.00

USB Solo USB to CV/gate   $299.00

Pro 2000  Dual Midi to CV/gate   $599.00

Rack ears for Pro 2000   $60.00

Pro CV to Midi   $229.00

Midi utility boxes:

Midi USB host MKIII   $159.00

D-sync bidirectional din sync box   $129.00

Sync-5  1 to 5 din sync out   $109.00

LNDR Midi line driver   $195.00

Merge 4  Midi merge box   $149.00

Merge 8  Midi merge box   $225.00

Thru-5  Midi thru box   $99.00

Thru-12  Midi thru box   $179.00

Thru-25  Midi thru box   $289.00

Midi controllers:

Killamix Mini USB/Midi controller   $489.00



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