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Cornflakes Stereo sampler

Miso Cornflakes

  • Crisp clear granular stereo sampler and harmonizer.

    The module has the ability to time-stretch, pitch-shift and produce harmonics. It’s calibrated to 1v/oct to encourage a bit of musicality. Recording and playback can be triggered manually or via CV.

    Cornflakes, being a granular sampler, does not play its samples back conventionally, but split them into smaller bits called grains. Furthermore, the grains are divided into four simultaneous voices to allow for polyphonic pitch control or harmonization. The module features 32 memory slots for samples stored on an SD card and you can run audio through it live for real-time processing. There are manual and CV control over Speed, Diffusion, Harmonics, Pitch, Grain Size, Position, Trim and Distribution.


    14hp, 165ma, depth ??mm.


    NB. SD-card not included!

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