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FLame Vocorder analog spectral looper

Flame Vocorder

C$599.00 Regular Price
C$539.10Sale Price
  • The Flame "Vocorder" module is a compact combination of an analog vocoder and a digital CV recorder (looper). The centerpiece is an 8-channel analog vocoder with a total of 16 analog bandpass filters for analysis and synthesis.

    The analog generated analysis envelope CVs are digitized and output via the DA converter to the analog VCAs of the synthesis channels. The envelope CVs of the analysis channels can be recorded digitally and played back in the loop. You can manipulate the playback in different ways: swap filter channels on the fly (Rewire), change speed and playback direction etc.

    The module can also be a "classic normal vocoder"(direct vocoding).For the synthesis there is an internal VCO with 3 waves and white noise. External sources such as chord sounds, guitar sounds or drums can also be used via the synthesis audio input.

    The recording can be up to 3 minutes long and is retained in the battery-backed memory even after switching off.

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