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Flame Mirror dual unipolarinverter 

Flame Mirror Unipolarinverter

  • The module inverts an applied positive voltage so that the maximum value becomes zero and zero becomes the maximum value. The input voltage is not inverted into the negative voltage range (mirror axis 0v) but mirrors a positive voltage around an adjustable axis within a fixed positive voltage range starting at 0v. There are 10 ranges, adjustable in 1V steps.The mirror axis is always at half of the set range. If no cable is plugged into the input socket, the output voltages can be regulated manually with the "Manualy" potentiometer. The module has two similar function groups. Applications are for example the inversion within positive voltage ranges, GATE inversions (0/+5v to +5v/0v), or opposite melody lines. 6hp, 30ma, depth 40mm.

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