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Flame Fire drum synth module

Flame Fire Drum

  • Full 8-way polyphonic drum and percussion synthesizer. It offers different digital synthesis algorithms, which can be distributed over 8 channels. The sound engine delivers virtual analog sounds as well as different digital percussion sounds, which are generated with FM, wavetable or virtual analog synthesis. It is also possible to create sim- ple monophonic bass or synthesizer voices.During development, particular attention was paid to direct and simple usability with regard to live operation. The hardware essentially consists of two parts (which are delivered together). The basic module with all controls, the display, connections for MIDI, 2x CV inputs and 5 audio outputs, plus a separate XFIRE I/O extension with sockets for the 16 analog trigger/gate/CV inputs and 3 additional audio outputs. Both modules are connected via a 60cm long ribbon cable. In this way, the XFIRE module can be installed anywhere else in the rack. The base module is therefore only 22TE wide and can also work alone without the extension as a MIDI expander.A maximum of 8 audio outputs are available. A stereo pair (outputs 7+8), plus 6 additional individual direct outputs. All outputs are freely configurable. Two pages with settings for panorama and volume are available for the stereo main out.There is a gate/trigger input and a configurable CV input for each channel. Two additional programmable CV inputs can be used for further controls. Regardless of the analog connection, the module offers full MIDI functionality. Two MIDI inputs and a MIDI output/softthru allow integration into an external MIDI setup. The firmware can be upda- ted via MIDI Sysex. The created KIT data can also be saved or exchanged. 22hp+6hp, 230ma, depth 30mm.

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