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16 step CV/gate sequencer

Erica Synths Pico SEQ

  • Erica Synths Pico SEQ is a mighty, performance oriented 16 step CV and Gate sequencer packed with virtually all possible features you might expect from a sequencer just in 3HP!


    • Electable sequence length – up to 16 steps
    • Quantized CV output – 9 different scales
    • Adjustable Gate length for each step
    • Step off and step merge function
    • Slide function on selected steps
    • Transpose function
    • Random play function (within a scale)
    • 5 play modes
    • Sequence memory (16 sequences with all settings)

    Despite the small size it’s easy to program and most importantly – up to 16 patterns can be saved in memory and instantly recalled.

    3hp, 55ma, depth 35mm.

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