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Quadrantid Swarm synth Eurorack module

Eowave Qandrantid Swarm

  • The Quandrantid Swarm is a digital synthesizer that features a percussive element to give it a unique sound. It contains a two-pole analog filter, an LFO with eight waveforms, and a spring reverb. The eight touch keys can be used as a mono keyboard, polyphonic keyboard or an eight-step sequencer. The Quandrantid Swarm has MIDI and CV/Trig connectivity. Its normalized pre-patching allows you start creating immediately, but its semi-modular design allows you to use patch cables to explore the potential of this instrument. 40hp, 170ma, depth  mm.


    » Triangle wave OSC with spread fold
    » Percussion element with frequency
    » Two pole filter, filter one high/low pass 12db, filter two low pass 12db
    » AD envelope
    » One LFO with eight waveforms
    » Slew limiter
    » Spring reverb
    » Eight touch keys with Three modes – mono, poly and sequencer
    » MIDI in, CV/Trig in, Clock in/Reset in to communicate with other devices
    » VCA

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