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Melodicer  stochastic sequencer

Vermona Melodicer

  • Generates random values that magically turn into musical events !

    Generates its own tempo using the TAP button or can be synced to an external clock source. The rhythm section has four controls labelled Note Value, Variation, Legato and Rest, allowing to manipulate the length of the notes, their duration and placement in the pattern. With the Rest knob, the meloDICER randomly adds musical rests to the pattern.

    The semitone probability faders which are labelled from C to B set the probability for each semitone to appear in the pattern. As a visual support, the faders’ LED goes on for the duration of the corresponding note.

    The overall output range of the meloDICER is up to five octaves which is controlled by the two Range faders, allowing to set the lowest and highest note separately, 34hp, 150ma, depth 25mm.

    ***Latest revision with the 8th PPQN option.

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