Moog Minimmog S/n.8067

Moog Minimoog

  • Vintage Moog Minimoog. S/n.8067 from 1976. Works perfectly, cosmetics 8.5/10, a few minor dings and scratches, slight key and wheel yellowing, just the right amount of grit to make it look vintage good. Recently serviced, power supply was recaped, bushings have been changed a few years ago and are still like new. This is packaged with a new Doepfer MCV4 Midi to CV converter and two custom made insert cables that allow the use of all four CVs to control filter, volume and osc frequency. Included is a dummy S-trigger plug that will force the VCA to stay indefinitely open which is the only way to get the Minimoog to "drone". No need to tape a note down. A photocopy of the manual and schematics is also included. 30 day warranty.