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Black sequencer 4 channel CV/gate sequencer

Erica Synths Black sequencer

C$749.00 Regular Price
C$674.10Sale Price
  • The Erica Synths Black Sequencer takes classical modular sequencing to the next level by adding tons of features required for contemporary modular synthesizers.


    • 4 CV/GATE/Modulation tracks
    • MIDI IN and MIDI OUT
    • Clock and Reset In/Out
    • 16 encoders for easy sequence input
    • Up to 64 steps per pattern
    • Song mode – up to 64 patterns in chain, each pattern can be repeated up to 32 times
    • Note, Glide, Gate length and Modulation adjustment per step
    • Probability, repeats and ratcheting per step
    • Microtonal tuning
    • Adjustable shuffle per track, shuffle mode customization
    • Timing divisions/multiplications per track
    • Built-in quantizer
    • Random pattern generator
    • 16 banks of 16 pattern memory
    • SD card slot for backup and firmware updates

    The Black Sequencer features 4 channels with CV, gate and modulation outputs, up to 64 step sequences that can be chained into songs, independent track time divisions, multiplications and lengths. It includes a built-in quantizer, LFOs, envelope generators, parameter randomization, a MIDI in/out and many other features essential for composing and performing electronic and experimental music.

    42hp, 145ma, depth 25mm.

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