Custom Mini-system with Midi

Doepfer custom Mini-system

  • Full blown system crammed into a single row 84hp case, the A-100LC3. Dual oscillators (A-110-1 + A-110-2), newer dual ADSR, high end VCA , ring mod, S&H, portamento, high end LFO that can also be used as a second VCA, external audio input plus a USB Midi interface (A-190-3). Features the A-121-2 multimode filter, A-184-1 triple function module and A-138s stereo mixer. This system could be assembled into a bigger case for future expansion. Includes 15X patch cables and a multiple. All modules installed with stainless steel screws and plastic washers. Price reflects a $100 discount, free cables and multiple, another value of $62.

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